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Groupthink and the Agile Architect

Need uber-guru types who are willing to challenge the existing groupthink on design and architecture, especially on TDD and emergent design and pair programming anti-pattern” – job post at Monster.com 2/9/2010

I stumbled upon that quote following links on the role of the architect on an agile project. Maybe one important role of the architect is to help the team avoid groupthink. Continue reading

On DW federation, whac-a-mole, and integrating business data

Information Management recently sent around their pick of best IM blog articles of 2009.  Among them was Forrester’s James Kobelius’s reaction to Bill Inmon’s “incineration of a straw man concept that he refers to as ‘virtual data warehousing (DW).’”

According to Mr. Inmon, virtual data warehousing reminds him of the carnival game called whac-a-mole.  He says “just when you think this incredibly inane idea has died and just when someone has delivered what should have been a deathly blow, out it pops again from another hole.” Continue reading

BI Business Case Basics: Three Things to Remember

Here are three things to remember when putting together a BI business case:


Excerpt from “Show Me the Money: A DM/BI Business Value Primer”, Bob Lambert and Tri Truong, Information Management Special Reports, March 24, 2009

  1. Intangible benefits don’t count.
  2. BI has no inherent value.
  3. Senior managers often make decisions about future outcomes with insufficient data. Continue reading

Coming soon: data like money

It is a commonplace to say we should manage data like a resource. But when you think about it, data is an asset but not a resource.  Data isn’t a thing like real estate, employees, or customers, but rather it represents all of those things.  In data-geek-speak, data is a meta-resource that holds information about resources.  That makes data a lot like money. Continue reading

DQ, he isn’t so dumb he just needs glasses

In a recent very thoughtful post on data quality, Paul Erb plays out an analogy comparing data users with Don Quixote and data quality professionals with Sancho Panza, then reverses the analogy to cleverly coin the “Sancho Panza” test of data quality professionals.  He encourages data quality professionals promoting the critical role of data quality to apply a what would Sancho say test to ensure that they are aligned with the needs and interests of data consumers. Continue reading

IT should own the misalignment problem

In a new post at Insurance Networking News Ara Trembly provides a balanced perspective on IT/business misalignment (Business/IT Misalignment: Whose Responsibility?).  He describes the problem as cultural, more amenable to relational than management solutions.    His conclusion sums it up: “Take a geek/suit to lunch today!”

To me (speaking as an IT professional) IT should take the initiative to solve the problem.  Continue reading

Do your homework before presenting a BI business case


Excerpt from “Show Me the Money: A DM/BI Business Value Primer”, Bob Lambert and Tri Truong, Information Management Special Reports, March 24, 2009

Before starting the Business Intelligence business case, the BI advocate should do the homework required to ensure its success, including these essential steps:

1. Know the organization’s goals and objectives.
2. Identify a BI champion.
3. Identify and work with BI stakeholders.
4. Identify an application with tangible business value.
5. Define and quantify a quick win prototype project. Continue reading