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Anonymize Data for Better Executive Analytics

Reading articles about data anonymization makes it clear that it is not an entirely effective security measure (here and here), but still part of a robust security capability, and required if your organization is affected by GDPR. (I use “anonymization” as a general term encompassing techniques that de-identify personal data within a given data set.)

But there’s a positive side of anonymized data that hasn’t received much press. Providing anonymous data to senior managers who don’t need access to personal data can encourage them to take a broader perspective, and thereby bring new energy to fact-based senior planning and analysis. Continue reading

Toward an Analytics Code of Ethics

In data management and analytics, we often focus on correcting apparent inability and unwillingness on the part of business leaders to effectively gather and capitalize on data resources. With that perspective, we often see ethics as a side issue difficult to prioritize given the scale and persistence of our other challenges.

At least that was my perspective, and my initial response when confronted recently by a family member on this topic. Her view from outside the field was that ethics should be a primary concern. As I’ve reflected on this conversation, I’ve come around to her point.

In recent years we’ve seen many examples of data misuse due to ethical lapses. Here’s a post that gives five examples, including police officers looking up data on individuals not related to any police business, an employee passing personal data including SSNs to a text sharing site, and Uber’s “god view”, available at the corporate level, which an employee used in 2014 to track a journalist’s location. Continue reading

SQL Server Row Level Security @ Richmond Code Camp 2009.1


Update 10 January 2010: Thanks to Gints Plivna for observing that we had not posted the slides to this presentation, here they are: Pretty Good Row Level Security Slides.  – Bob


Thanks to those who attended Saturday’s Microsoft Code Camp (see http://richmondcodecamp.org/).  Here are materials for the presentation “Pretty Good Row Level Security” which I did with Nic Morel, my fellow CapTech Ventures Lead Consultant. Continue reading

Grow your own row-level security

Dr. Dobbs Portal

Excerpt from "Protecting Your Data with Row Level Security for SQL Server Databases," March 17, 2009

Data security is not optional in today’s business environment. High-visibility hacking and fraud, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA regulations, and the Patriot Act all reinforce the need to present the right data to the right users and prevent the wrong ones from gaining access. Typically, “row level security” (RLS) is one requirement: to allow or permit access to particular users based on data in a particular database row. SQL Server does not provide built-in row level security. Continue reading