We like databases

I was preparing a presentation about databases and thought of a Dilbert strip I’d seen years ago.  Easily distracted, I searched for it.  I didn’t find the strip itself, but here’s the transcript I found:

Boss: I just got our consultant report and he has identified our biggest problem

Wally: I recommend that we build a tracking database

Dilbert: We can put it on the network

Boss: Would you like to hear what the problem is first?

Wally: I hate to dwell on the negative

Dilbert: We like databases

Boss: You haven’t heard what the problem is yet, how could you recommend building a database to resolve it?

Wally: We always build a database

Dilbert: And we will need coffee mugs for the project team.

Boss: The problem is that we have poor process

Wally: That could be the slogan on our mugs.

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